GamStop in the UK is changing Online Bitcoin Gambling

GamStop in the UK is changing Online Bitcoin Gambling

Bitcoin is one of the most revolutionary payment methods over the last decade. Assets like Bitcoin allow people from all over the world to get involved in the financial industry regardless of geography. Bitcoin has a transparent ledger called the blockchain that allows anyone to verify transactions and see all the activity on the chain. No third part is needed to send money on the blockchain which makes it wildly acceptable for crypto gambling sites.

Bitcoin is typically used as the number one payment method for gambling sites because it’s used by millions of people around the world and is censorship resistant. This means that no one can freeze or replay transactions that are sent. Casinos love Bitcoin because it allows them to safely receive deposits from customers without the worry that the crypto might be charged back.

Bitcoin also allows gambling platforms to settle transactions faster and allow customers to be paid out quicker. Deposits and withdrawals can be made 24/7, which also means that the customer support centers need to be fully staffed to answer any questions customers have.

Crypto and Bitcoin gambling casinos go hand in hand. It is projected that by the year 2030 there will be over 1 billion users that are actively using cryptocurrency, which is why the casinos are working to be market first movers. If you’re looking to maximize profits then you want to be accepting Bitcoin at your online casino.

The Number One Issue With Crypto Casinos?

Bitcoin brings a lot of positive values to the online crypto casinos, but there are some limitations. Customers have often complained that it’s very hard to set gambling boundaries as they can just create another account. In most online casinos, users need to submit their private details before they’re able to play. So if a player decides to delete an account, it can not be created again. In the Bitcoin gambling space, new accounts can be created so there is no way to remove yourself completely.

In the United Kingdom an organization has launched a campaign to try and fight the issue of self-exclusion called The National Online Self Exclusion LTD. Users are allowed to share their information and block themselves from crypto casinos for any amount of time that they would like to choose. If a customer has limited their play for a month, and then decided to play again they would need to wait the entire month before getting back on.

This new platform is called GamStop, and players in the UK can sign up if they choose to put the limitations on. If you’re looking for casinos that don’t have these restrictions, then look no further as we have the solution for you.


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