Bitcoin gamblers have made their way to Twitch

Bitcoin gamblers have made their way to Twitch

The most popular gaming video streaming service in the world Twitch, is starting to see an influx of Bitcoin gamblers make their way to the website. Many parents are claiming that there children didn’t start gambling until they have seen their favorite gamer try it out online.

A professional Overwatch gaming Twitch partner Felix started playing Blackjack in front of his 25,000 viewers and advertising the gambling site Stake, which is home to millions of players around the world. Chances are if you have ever used Bitcoin to gamble online, you’ve heard of the website Stake dot com.

Stake often boasts that it is the leading online crypto casino, and it very well might lead that title as it has billions of bets played every year. Deposits on Stake are made via Bitcoin along with other cryptocurrencies and users can gain access to their funds almost instantly. The advantage of using Bitcoin for gambling, is that the funds clear the blockchain extremely fast unlike other traditional payment methods such as credit card.

Every day, millions of people are now seen watching Twitch streamers play online Bitcoin casino games and playing slots. A lot of these streamers are incentivized by receiving large amounts of money that can be played on the site and withdrawn if a profit is made. Some of the top streamers are earning more than a million dollars a month to promote Stake as they rake in millions of active viewers who play along with the streamers. Felix had publicly reported that he made over $119,000,000 in online bets with Stake which is one of the largest betting rakes ever seen at an online casino.

Stake is an online gambling casino that is licensed in the country of Curacao. Most of the employees of the company are working remote in Europe and are not even located in the country the site is registered in.

Although gambling in the US is restricted, players still find a way by using VPNs and other outlets to hide the location IP address. In countries like Canada, players are welcomed and have an easier time playing bitcoin casinos which is why a lot of streamers have moved.

Stake does have a compliance process which stops players from using VPNS or depositing from countries that are not allowed. If you’re found using a VPN stake could freeze your funds and not allow you to withdrawal so it’s important you’re playing from a country that allows it.

Twitch has recently decided to take a stance again online gambling and will take a deeper dive into it this year. We should be receiving more clarifications on what constitutes gambling, and which games are allowed if any. Twitch has decided that you’re no longer allowed to advertise reference links or any URLs that are given by the gambling company to try and combat some of the influence that the streamers have over the players. You can read more about the rules in the Twitch Safety Center and we will update you as we learn the information.

Stake not for you?

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