Crypto Video Poker

Crypto Video Poker

Crypto Video Poker is a very popular card game which is found in most crypto casinos. Unlike traditional poker games, video poker looks similar to slot machines in style and feel, however it is more skill based than luck based if compared to slots. Crypto video poker is based on Five-Card Draw, a type of poker variant that simpler and common among beginner poker players.

To play video poker, the user should first bet a certain amount of cryptocurrencies, and with the start of each round the player is dealt a five card poker hand, where they have the opportunity to hold the cards which they want to keep and get rid of the cards that they do not want. After choosing their retained cards, players hit the ‘deal’ button which reshuffles the discarded cards and dictates whether the player has a winning hand. A winning hand can be any poker hand combination such as 2 pair, 3 of a kind, etc. The higher the hand ranking, the higher the multiplier that you get on your initial bet. Playing Stake‘s original crypto video poker game, lucky players that hit a royal flush can win up to 800x.

Difference between Crypto Video Poker & Crypto Poker

Crypto Video Poker is a fast-paced game and a better option for crypto gamblers that shy away from the social element of traditional poker games, since it can be played solo without having strangers on the same table, however it is important to note that crypto video poker has a greater luck to skill ratio if compared to traditional poker games. Another way to differentiate between the two is the bet outcome since in crypto video poker games players will know in advance how much they will win, other poker variants have a greater randomness element. Moreover, traditional poker games are not commonly found in major crypto casinos, they are usually found in standalone websites that solely serve poker games, which makes crypto video poker more popular and readily available in well known crypto casinos.

Provably Fair

Crypto casinos that offer provably fair games always have an edge over the ones that do not, since it is a system that ensures transparency and randomness which gives the player more trust and confidence in the casino. It is always recommended to choose a crypto video poker game that is provably fair.

We took our time to vet and locate the best crypto casinos that offer crypto video poker games, which you will find in the list below. There are numerous high quality crypto casinos that offer crypto video poker games, with each having their own unique graphics or theme. To learn more about each casino, you can visit its link or head to our casino section and pick the one that suits you best.

0x Gambling Tips:

  • Never Gamble with more than you can afford to lose
  • Crypto Video Poker Games are more luck than skill based, set a limit if you do not hit a big winning, stop immediately and take a break.
  • Do not revenge gamble.
  • Keep it fun, if you win…great, if not no problem, it was fun anyways.
  • Convert your winnings to USDT, since cryptocurrencies are extremely volatile your win can be reduced significantly if you get caught in a bad downtrend