Crypto Slots

Crypto Slots

The first slot machine ever created was invented in 1894 in San Francisco. Charles Fey designed the machine and called it the Liberty Bell, which featured the pulling machine that is seen in every online and physical casino around the world. The Liberty bell started out as offering three spinning reels that would have a single pay out line, and feature an automatic way to pay out. Over the last hundred years the slot machine has been increasing in popularity and thousands of different variations have been created. In recent years casinos have been trying to figure out ways to make slots more enticing by creating progressive jackpots. The progressive jackpot was created in 1986 and allowed the maximum payout on the machine to grow every time a player loses money at the machine.

Today there are thousands of fun and interactive slots that can be played with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency. Slots are the most popular gambling casino game so it only makes sense that Crypto Slot machines would be created. Slot machines are seen as the easiest game you can play because you add money and select a button, and a win or loss is decided instantly. Beginners love BTC slot machines because it is an animated machine that offers adrenaline. Three or more reels are often seen on Bitcoin machines and bonuses, multipliers, free games and other symbols are used to make the games unique and playable. Other casino games have confusing rules and dealers to go up against. In slot machines, you’re not playing against anyone and the slots are predetermined to pay out based on math. Random number generators are used to decide if the spin should win, and for how much the spin should pay. When a player gets a combination of symbols a win is given and depending on the number of pay lines that are used, the win could be exponential.

Different types of crypto slots

Jackpot BTC slots

Some BTC slots have jackpots that give the players a fun goal to try and obtain. If you’re lucky you might hit a massive score and a percent of every bet is set to the jackpot which increases after every spin.

Bonus Games

Bonus games are free spins that have special rewards and requirements. You can normally win more money from the free spins than from a normal spin which makes them desired. Some of the spins can be interactive where the player must pick a hidden prize, making the player more connected to the game. The slot machines normally advertise whether free spins can be obtained on the front of the machine.

Movie or themed slots

Some slots are simply fun because they represent your favorite movie character and have exciting graphics and music to listen too. These games don’t necessarily have higher prices, but might cost more to play.

Small bet limits

Some casinos will offer slots that have low minimum bets, to allow normal players a chance to get in on the fun. These slot machines are known as “penny” machines. The prizes are often very low compared to the jackpots.

Provably fair

Provably fair online BTC slots allow players to see the seed code to each game, which is verifiable. This way players can tell that the slot is fair, and the outcome isn’t being decided based on the bet.

Free slots

Some BTC slot games are free because the online casino allows players to watch ads or other methods to earn free spins. This is very similar to faucet BTC sites that will pay viewers directly for watching advertisements.