Crypto Roulette

Crypto Roulette

The roulette wheel is one of the most exhilarating games in the casino because there is an exponential win for selecting the correct numbers. The wheel was first invested back in 1655 when a French physicist named Blaise Pascal was trying to figure out how to create a perpetual motion machine. A perpetual motion machine is a machine that doesn’t need to draw energy to an external source to gain power and move. His experiment ended up failing but because he had created it, we now have one of the most popular games in online and brick casinos around the world.

In the 1800s the roulette wheel came into the US and to give the casino more edge, a zero and double zero was added to the wheel. Now that means instead of having 37 numbers, there would be 38 making it harder to win.

Roulette betting options

Roulette players have a bunch of different options to place bets. You can make a bet by selecting the exact number that is picked out of the thirty eight. You can select a small range of numbers by betting on the pocket which is a cluster of numbers increasing your odds but also decreasing your winnings. Players can also select outside numbers that includes even more numbers than before. You can even select whether the number will be red, black, or green. Players are also given the option to bet if the number selected from the wheel will be odd or even.

A minimum and maximum bet are normally placed as the casino doesn’t want someone to bet on a 50/50 outcome and simply double their wager every round. Players are allowed to individually bet to beat this rule. Normally the chips of other players are seen in different colors, so that online at a Crypto roulette game you’re able to distinguish your bets. Players are able to place bets until the dealer declares it is the end of betting, and spins the wheel.

When a winning number and color is picked from the wheel, the dealer will place a dolly on the placemat so that the players know no more bets can be made. The dealer will then take all of the losing bets before paying out the winners. After all of the bets have been taken or paid out, the dealer will open the wheel up again to place more bets.


Types of betting strategies

Reverse Martingale system

The reserve Martingale system follows the idea of doubling your previous bet when you lose. When you double your bet size, you’re affectively paying for the previous bet that you lost and thus coming out 1X. The system creates the feeling that you’re eliminating risk but it can be harmful if you lose a number of bets in a row and can’t afford to keep doubling.

Labochere System

The Labochere System is a progressive betting strategy like the previous system, but doesn’t require the player to quickly raise their wages. When a win or loss occurs the player can use a series of numbers to determine the bet amount. This system is created so that the player has one a least a third of their bets and isn’t going to be ruined if a bunch of losses occur in a row. The average value that can be produced is negative due to the casinos maximum bet locks.

D’Alembert System

The final system is the D’Alembert system which is a pyramid scheme. This method helps players who want to keep their losses on a rope and doesn’t mind winning less money. After each loss one unit of the wager is added to the next bet. After each win, the unit is taken back. The player is going to lose more on average which will create a longer losing strategy.