Crypto Plinko

Crypto Plinko

Plinko is a very old game that first first appeared in an American game show somewhere in the 80’s, it was even featured lately in the popular series known as stranger things. The game is extremely simple and entertaining. The rise of cryptocurrency casinos were quick to leverage its fun element, ‘gamblify’ it and add it to their collection of crypto games. Crypto Plinko at its core is straight forward, it is a pyramid shaped game that is purely luck based and does not require any specific skillset or any skillset per se.

The player first bets a certain cryptocurrency amount, and with each round the player drops a ball from the top of the pyramid which falls to the bottom of the pyramid and hits a box, with each box having its own multiplier. The farther the box is from the center, the higher the multiplier. The extreme edges of the pyramid hold the largest multipliers, sometimes reaching up to 100x-1000x. The center boxes have the smallest multipliers, it will either break your bet even or incur a loss.

Crypto Plinko games are very much similar in most crypto casinos, they mostly differ in design and style, however we have seen that in most crypto casinos, players are given the choice to customize their plinko settings, which makes the game much more interesting and personalized to the user’s taste. For example users can choose their risk levels; low,medium or high. The higher the risk the larger the multiplier but the harder the chance to hit, while the opposite applies for lower risk levels. Automatic play is also an option which speeds up the gameplay, along other applicable options/customizations.

Provably Fair

Since Crypto Plinko is a simple game that is purely based on luck, it is fair to say that a provably fair system goes hand in hand with it, blockchain technology revolutionized the gambling industry and allowed users to publicly verify the outcome of their bets and know whether a casino is cheating or not. Crypto casinos started adding provably fair games in increasing numbers, a game that is provably fair is a game that has an algorithm embedded in each roll which generates an encrypted key with the final result of the round and only the player will be able to decrypt the key and verify the outcome of the round, it serves as an extra layer of transparency which makes the casino impossible to cheat or defy their users.

In simpler terms

Crypto Plinko is notably the easiest game that you can play, especially fun for newbie gamblers, the process goes as below:

  • Player enters the amount that they want to bet with and click on “Start”
  • The ball bounces and falls from top till bottom hitting obstacles that changes the direction of the ball
  • The farther the ball is from the center, the higher the multiplier

There aren’t many strategies that one could apply by playing Crypto Plink since it is based on luck, however the traditional Paroli strategy, a progressive method where the player starts small with their bets, and if they win, they play with their winnings by doubling it up.
The Martingale strategy can also be applied, where losing bets are doubled up until you win and break even. However strategies can only do little when a game is purely based on luck.

0x Gambling Tips:

  • Never Gamble with more than you can afford to lose
  • Crypto Plinko Games are purely luck based, set a limit if you do not hit a big winning, stop immediately and take a break.
  • Do not revenge gamble.
  • Keep it fun, if you win…great, if not no problem, it was fun anyways.
  • Convert your winnings to USDT, since cryptocurrencies are extremely volatile your win can be reduced significantly if you get caught in a bad downtrend