Crypto Jackpot

Crypto Jackpots

Hitting the jackpot is a crypto gambler’s dream. The idea that you can win big by betting small is highly attractive. With crypto jackpots, prizes can reach up to thousands of bitcoins. The experience is much more fun and thrilling if compared to normal crypto games, it is overall more popular.  Players can always try their luck in hopes of winning huge amounts of bitcoin.

Crypto jackpots are not always available on crypto gambling sites, and most of the times it is hard to find a reliable crypto casino that has good selection of crypto jackpot games. Below you will find our list of curated crypto casinos that are deemed safe and reliable, where you can try your luck with crypto jackpot slots in hopes of winning big.Demand for crypto jackpots is ever-growing, casino providers who offer a variety of crypto jackpot games have an advantage over the others, most of the time smaller sized casinos do not have the capacity to offer such services since payouts can be heavy on the casino.It should be noted that crypto jackpots are not solely limited to slots, you will find lots of games such as lightning baccarat, lightning roulette and other games that offer you a chance to win much higher than the traditional games.

There are 2 types of crypto jackpot games that we will explore below:

Crypto Jackpot Types:

We will take crypto slots as an example since it tends to be the most popular.

  • Progressive: The mechanism behind a progressive crypto jackpot game is simple, the prize pool accumulates each and every time a player makes a bet, making the balance constantly grow. It is the most common type and the most sought after since the prize can be life changing, lucky players who are able to hit multiple Wild symbols will have a chance in winning the total prize pool.
  • Fixed: The only difference between fixed jackpots and progressive jackpots, is that in fixed jackpots the prize is fixed and set based on your entering bet, the higher the bet placed the higher the reward that you can get. Some players might prefer fixed over progressive since the prize pool does not fluctuate and it is fixed, if a progressive jackpot was won the prize pool gets back to zero and will re-accumulate once players start betting again, the risks are also lower with fixed jackpots and directly correlates with your bet placed.

There are lots of crypto gambling websites that offer crypto jackpot games which you can find online, however not all of them can be trusted, our team did the best it can to provide you with a list of trusted crypto casinos. In addition, even if the casino is trusted it is best to choose games that are provably fair since results cannot be meddled with, the outcome of the roll is calculated randomly and you can manually verify it, furthermore some gaming providers are more reliable than others, such as Pragmatic Play, which we believe is a top gaming provider.

0x Gambling Tips:

  • Never Gamble with more than you can afford to lose
  • Crypto Jackpot Games are purely luck based, set a limit if you do not hit a big winning, stop immediately and take a break.
  • Do not revenge gamble
  • Keep it fun, if you win…great, if not no problem, it was fun anyways.
  • Convert your winnings to USDT, since cryptocurrencies are extremely volatile your win can be reduced significantly if you get caught in a bad downtrend