Crypto Dice

Crypto Dice

Crypto Dice is a casino gambling game that is extremely popular online due to its simplicity. Dice traditionally was a table game that was played thousands of years ago. Online dice has many advantages which include faster play. The top BTC dice websites have many different variations of dice games to ensure everyone has a game that they can enjoy. Millions of people around the world enjoy to gamble using Bitcoin because of its fast transactions and deflationary attributes.

Typical Crypto dice games

Normally Crypto dice games are played with a small number or image on each side of the dice. The online casinos will have an animation of the dice being thrown in which the player wins when the dice is predicted as bet. Probabilities of dice landing on numbers multiple times in a row can be calculated to give the player a winning strategy.

Different types of Bitcoin Dice games

As previously mentioned there are many different types of dice games.


Hazard is a type of dice game that is older than Craps. Hazard is thought to have been invented in the 14th century in England, however experts believe that it could have some Arabic upbringings. The Arabic word for hazard is “al-zahr”. For hazard to be played properly you need two dice and an unlimited number of players. When the player has the dice in his/her hand, this is called the shooter or sometimes the caster. The game can now begin after the shooter throws the dice and specifies the game being played. The point must be between five and nine, but multiple throws can be made to achieve these points. Once the main is set, every player can wager on if the shooter will win or lose on the next throw. The shooter can now throw in or “nick” to win the game. When a player wins or loses, the dice is given to the next player to throw.


Craps is like hazard because it uses part of its base within the game. Many popular casino games use craps because its easier to understand and play online. When a player in Hazard scores a 1-1 or a 1-2 roll it is called craps which is where the name comes from. Craps has a “shooter” who should throw the dice and establish a point like hazard and then the betting can start.

Simple Dice

If a player throws the dice or clicks on the animation in a online casino and lands on 2,3,4,10,11 or 12 the player wins. If the player throws and it totals a 5,6,7,8 or 9 then the player loses which makes the game extremely easy to understand and place bets. Dice can be extremely lucrative to play if successful basic strategy is applied.

Chuck A luck

Chuck A luck comes from Australia and uniquely uses three dice, while the games before only have two. A big spinning cage is used to hold the dice and cause them to move and shuffle. Each player can place a wage on a number and decide how many of the dice will have that number. This dice game can offer higher returns because of its increased variance that is involved with picking the numbers correctly. If a player picked all three of the dice accurately, the bet could be multiplied by 30x.

Banka Francesca

The last popular Crypto dice game is called Banka Francesca. These games are played rapidly and can cause a player to lose money quickly. Banka is not as popular in the US, but because of the internet people can access this globally popular dice theme via crypto casinos. Three dice are needed to play and a player can bet the total sum of the dice. If snake eyes are rolled (all three dice showing one) then the pay out can be 60X.