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Crypto Crash Gambling

Crypto Crash Gambling is a game that has become increasingly popular in the recent years, even shown in mainstream youtube channels such as the Nelk Boys, whom popularized the game even further by playing it on Stake. Even for your average crypto gambler chances are high that they came across this game, since it is considered a standard in each and every crypto casino.  Crash Gambling games are luck based, players place their initial bet, which starts multiplying then stops at a random interval. The key is to withdraw before you basically crash. Crypto Casinos are mostly famous for having crash gambling games.

We took our time to vet and locate the best crypto casinos that offer crash gambling games, which you will find in the list below. There are numerous high quality crypto casinos that offer crash gambling games, with each having its own unique graphics or theme, but similar gameplay. To learn more about each casino, you can visit its link or head to our casino section and pick the one that suits you best.

Crypto Crash has an interesting history, it was first used as a game where CS:GO players would play against each other and bet in-game items such as skins, where the winner wins them all. Crypto casinos were fast to discover its potential and were quick to add it to their list of games. Crypto Crash Gambling games are currently one of the hottest games in any casino. Still not as popular as  mainstream crypto games such as crypto roulette, baccarat or Dice, the demand for it is rapidly increasing, youtubers and twitch streamers were quick to popularize it even more.

The game is very simple to understand, and the multipliers can sometimes reach over 10,000x, there were multiple instances where the multiplier reached well over 100,000X. The key is to simply stop your bet prior crashing which might happen at anytime. Sometimes a round can begin and the crash can be instant which gives you a direct and straight loss. Most crash gambling games are airplane themed, the higher the airplane flies the higher the multiplier, when the airplane crashes its game over.

Fun & Chaotic

Crypto Crash Gambling games are very fun and simple, it especially suits players that enjoy having their adrenaline pumped, it is worth noting that the chances to crash are usually high, it may seem at first sight that it is an easy game, in fact it is not. It is based on pure randomness, players who enjoy a chaotic, fun and reckless gambling experience will definitely enjoy Crash.
Apart from its simplicity and fun element, most crash games tend to be provably fair guaranteeing pure randomness that can be manually verified.

Rules of the Game

The idea behind crash is self explanatory, you bet any amount and the multiplier starts rolling. You can also set an automatic cashout at a certain number, for example if you set 2X as your cashout, your bet will automatically cash out once it hits a 2x, however this can be for your advantage or disadvantage, since if it reaches much more than 2x you will not get the winnings. The algorithm that determines the multiplier and crash are randomly generated, and most of the crash gambling games that we have seen are provably fair.

There exists multiple strategies which you can try, however no matter what strategy or tactic you use, on the long run you will use. The key is similar to any other casino game is to hit and run.


Always use the statistics page to get a general idea on how the previous rolls did, usually after consecutive low multipliers ( 0.x – 1x)  the chance of having a higher multiplier increases, so place your bets accordingly

  • The martingale strategy: When you lose double up your previous loss, so that when you win you will get back your initial amount.
  • Let it ride: This is a go big or go home strategy in hopes of getting a 10x+
  • Greedy: You can cash out with low multipliers, some players adopt this strategy by playing with a big amount, say 1000$, and cash out with low multipliers, for example 1.1X which gives you 100$ in this case. Be careful crashes happen anytime though, it is common but less likely for crashes to occur even at 1x.

0x Gambling Tips:

  • Never Gamble with more than you can afford to lose
  • Crypto Crash Games are purely luck based, set a limit if you do not hit a big winning, stop immediately and take a break.
  • Do not revenge gamble.
  • Keep it fun, if you win…great, if not no problem, it was fun anyways.
  • Convert your winnings to USDT, since cryptocurrencies are extremely volatile your win can be reduced significantly if you get caught in a bad downtrend


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